19.01. Allergy featured on Aderlass Vol. 4 Sampler!

Allergy were asked to put their new Song "What For?" onto the Aderlass Vol. 4 Sampler, which will be released on 24.02.2006!

This sampler series is made by the people behind Aderlass - Gothic Fashion, who sell fashion and boots via www.aderlass.de and several exclusive shops.
In contrast to label-compilations the concept behind the Aderlass series is to feature songs chosen by several famous Gothic- and Electroscene clubs. 
And the DJ's of the Final Destination Club in Frankfurt/M. - Germany picked "What For?" to be featured on Aderlass Vol. 4

Now for the cover and the complete tracklist:

Aderlass Vol. 4 - Gothic & Electro Clubselection
Double-CD, 26 tracks
February, 24th 2006

Compiled by the best Gothic- and Electroscene clubs of the world:

CD 1:
1. Edge of Dawn - The Flight - Lux (Nachtwerk, Karlsruhe)
2. Agonoize - Sacrifice (Nachtwerk, Karlsruhe)
3. Noisuf-X - Tinnitus (Eisenlager, Oberhausen)
4. Culture Kultür - The Only One (Eisenlager, Oberhausen)
5. Allergy - What For? (Final Destination Club, Frankfurt)
6. Muscle and Hate - Control I''m Here (Final Destination Club, Frankfurt)
7. Painbastard - Todesengel - Armageddon-Remix by SITD (Matrix, Bochum)
8. Virtual Embrace - F… You (Matrix, Bochum)
9. S-Talker - Die schwarze Meute (Druckkammer, Koblenz)
10. The Count - Lost (Druckkammer, Koblenz)
11. Diorama - Advance (Nerodom, München)
12. Phase III - Friendly Damage (Nerodom, München)
13. Blutengel - Angels Of The Dark - Remixed by Lost Area (Aderlass Bonus-Track)

CD 2:
1. Gothminister - Monsters (Black Alert, Oslo)
2. Conetik - Cold Star, Dead Eyes (Black Alert, Oslo)
3. Kirlian Camera - Dead Zone In The Sky - Vintage Solution Mix (Black Cat, Kopenhagen)
4. Under For - Free-Force Structure (Black Cat, Kopenhagen)
5. The Retrosic - The Storm (Dynamo, Zürich)
6. Combichrist - Without Emotions (Dynamo, Zürich)
7. Feindflug - Ätherkrieg (Pi, Wien)
8. Soman - DATC (Pi, Wien)
9. Solitary Experiments - Pale Candle Light (Dungeon Club, Tel-Aviv)
10. Ayria - My Revenge On The World (Dungeon Club, Tel-Aviv)
11. Rotersand - Almost Violent (Soundfactory, Porto)
12. Pink Turns Blue - Your Master Is Calling (Soundfactory, Porto)
13. Garden Of Delight - Play Dead (Aderlass Bonus-Track)

Preorders are possible via the onlineshop of www.aderlass.de or www.infrarot.de.
From February,24th 2006 Aderlass Vol. 4 will be available at your local cd shop.

All the clubs which where involved in putting together this compilation, celebrate the release of Aderlass Vol. 4 with the following parties:

28.01.2006 Nerodom (München / Deutschland)
04.02.2006 Black Cat (Kopenhagen / Dänemark)
11.02.2006 Druckkammer (Koblenz / Deutschland)
18.02.2006 Dynamo (Zürich / Schweiz)
18.02.2006 Nachtwerk (Karlsruhe / Deutschland)
23.02.2006 Eisenlager (Oberhausen / Deutschland)
24.02.2006 Matrix (Bochum / Deutschland )
24.02.2006 Black Alert (Oslo / Norwegen)
24.02.2006 Dungeon Club (Tel-Aviv / Israel)
25.02.2006 Soundfactory (Porto / Portugal)
03.03.2006 Final Destination Club (Frankfurt / Deutschland)
10.03.2006 Pi (Wien / Österreich)

You should be able to buy the compilation on these parties, too.

That's it for now, best regards


Allergy win remix contest!

Allergy won a remix contest, that has been launched by the Synthpopband ReActivate together with www.depechemode.de and the recordlabel SPR. The aim was to fit the song "Emotions" of the current ReActivate album "Reactivate Your Mind" into "Depeche Mode clothes".
Holger chose the Depeche Mode song "World In My Eyes" as a basis for the remix.
Read the results on www.depechemode.de and download our remix "Emotions (World In My Eyes) by HM_Rough@Allergy" as well as the remixes of second and third place there. It's all for free!
Here you'll get to the remix contest page directly:

Allergy at Myspace

Allergy finally went to the myspace platform. Of course we will present our news and song excerpts there as well.

There'll be not much more until the end of the year. Therefore we already wish you a merry christmas and a hapy new year! :)

Stay tuned....

07.11. Studioworks have been finished for now. We managed to produce 3 songs ("Into The Light", "Lost And Lonely" and "What For?") with Olaf Wollschläger, who gave the songs a real kick! Now we'll send the tracks to all those labels waiting for us ;)
A few studio impressions can be found under live images.

Allergy will play together with Flatline at the Electronic Porn Party in Gießen.
Doors open at 22 h, guests have to be 18 years at least.
More information at www.muk-giessen.de.

18.10. Yes, they're still alive...

...and they have good news for you:

Allergy will enter the Weltherrenstudio of Olaf Wollschläger to produce some tracks. We're really looking forward to work with this guy, well-known for his productions with bands such as "In Strict Confidence" and "Melotron"!

Allergy live in Gießen!

On November, 25th Allergy will play live at the "EPorn"-Party at the MUK, Gießen. More info soon.
17.05. Last call! ;-)

We want to remind you of our concerts on Thursday and Friday this week!

May, 19th: Allergy as support of Iris at the Nachtleben, Frankfurt/Main. Doors open 21 h, tickets 12 € (box office)

May, 20th: Allergy live at the Dark-Friday-Party at the Klangstation, Bonn, doors open 21 h, tickets 2,50 € only! (box office)

Rare news, lately. 3 songs are already finished as we told you before. They are called "Hoffnung", "Lost And Lonely" and "What For?" We're working on another song, "Into The Light". We already spoke with well known producers and we're looking forward to work with at least one of them. Further infos on that issue as soon as we get them.
15.04. Allergy live in Bonn!

On May, 20th Allergy plays live at the "Dark-Friday-Party" at the Klangstation in Bonn.
More infos soon.
For more information concerning Klangstation go to www.klangstation.de

Holger and Dirk wrote 3 songs already and Allergy will introduce the new stuff at the gigs in Frankfurt and Bonn. We are very pleased with the result and we're going to finish them at a studio as soon as possible.

Links update!

24.03. Allergy live in Frankfurt!

Allergy will support Iris on their concert on May, 19th at the Nachtleben in Frankfurt.
Iris, the famous Electropop-Band from the US, released the awesome album "Awakening" on Infacted Recordings last year. We recommend this album to everyone who likes this musicstyle.

Preorder your tickets now! Organziers Electronic Dance Art sell their tickets via Ebay. Go to www.electronicdanceart.de , there you'll find the direct link.

Tickets cost 8 € (preorder) and 12 € (box office).
Doors open: 21 h, begin: 22 h

Links and concerts section updated.

14.03. Allergy interview in Orkus magazine!

The current edition of Orkus magazine (March 2005) features another interview with Allergy!

Plans for the single release "Side By Side" have been canceled.
Holger and Dirk are writing new songs instead.
03.02. Lights Of Euphoria remix "Side By Side"!!!

We already told you, that we have plans to release another single, "Side By Side". Torben Schmidt, mastermind behind "Lights Of Euphoria", chief of the record label "Infacted Recordings", famous remixer and well-known DJ will remix "Side By Side" for us!

10.01. A little late, but who cares...happy new year everybody!

Our debut-album "Side Effects" is available via the following online shops:


You should also be able to order the cd at every record shop in case they have no cd's in stock.

Holger and Dirk are working on new songs again. A song called "Hoffnung" is already finished as a demo version. And Holger is already working on new ideas. Some killer songs are waiting for you...;-)

The plans for another single release become more specific. Title track will be "Side By Side" in a special single version, on which Holger is working.
Furthermore we have a well-known guy, who is going to do a remix for us. We also plan to put a non-album track on the CD.
But there is no release date set, yet.

Ok, that's all for now, bye!

22.12. Hello!

We want to thank everybody who supported us throughout the last year, which was a great one for us! Especially to our record company Granaten Records, our graphic designer Claudia, the print- and online media and of course to YOU, our fans!

Of course we will be highly active next year. We're trying to organize some concerts and we still plan to release another single from our album "Side Effects".

And don't forget: On December 23rd you'll have the last chance this year to party with us at the Dark Electronic X-Mas Festival in Frankfurt/Main. Don't miss this great festival with well-known bands!
Details here.

Allergy wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

08.12. "Side Effects" out now!
Orders via www.granaten-records.de. The album will also be available in record shops and online shops (www.toca-records.de, www.amazon.de, www.jpc.de) soon.

We also updated the discography- and download-pages. You can download mp3-teasers of some of the album-songs and read all lyrics.

And don't forget to get your ticket for our show at the Dark Electronic Beats X-Mas Festival in Frankfurt via www.dark-electronic-beats.de.

24.11. Hello!

We nearly did it!
Our album "Side Effects" is at the press works. The final product will be delivered on November, 30th.
Orders will be possible via www.granaten-records.de
from this day on. The album will be available in record shops and online shops shortly after, of course.

We are proud to announce, that the album promotion will be done by the well-known agency Contribe. They will spread the album among DJ's as soon as possible.

Then we want to draw your attention to the latest issue of Sonic Seducer magazine (issue Dec. 04/Jan. 05). It features a one-side band-report/interview as well as a nice album review. Watch out!

Attention: Preorders for the Dark Electronic Beats X-Mas Festival on December, 23rd in Frankfurt/M. are possible from now on!
Get your ticket here: www.dark-electronic-beats.de
08.11. Finally we have the details for December, 23rd...;-)

Dark Electronic Beats X-Mas Festival

23.12.04 at The Cave, Frankfurt/M.

Line Up:

Vox Celesta
Root 4

Doors open: 19:30 h
Begin: 20:15 h
Tickets: 11,- € (box office only)

The live perfomances will be followed by an aftershow-party with DJ Torben (Lights Of Euphoria, WGT), DJ Der Rote Faden (Allergy), DJ Vasi Vallis (NamNamBulu) and resident DJ's VioL and Devotee_101

Don't miss this highlight! :-)

More infos:

Presented by:

05.11. Hello!
Here we go. The final tracklist of our album "Side Effects":
01 Icarus
02 Sterne
03 Degeneration
04 Endless Journey
05 Ignorance
06 Down
07 Nowadays
08 Teufelskreis
09 Side By Side
10 Underneath Your Skin
11 Better Days
12 Einsamkeit
13 Glasswall

The artwork is nearly finished, too. We have a little appetizer for you (frontcover):

And don't forget: Allergy live! On December, 23rd Allergy is part of a festival in Frankfurt. Due to legal reasons we are not allowed to tell you more details, yet. More info to come within a few days.

14.10. Concert pics online!
Meriadoc (www.meriadoc.com) shot excellent pictures at the 1st Synergie Festival in Görlitz! More at the picture area.

We reached the final mixing stage, working on our album "Side Effects". And we're just discussing about the songs that will make it on the album or not. A very difficult thing to do... ;-)

Here we have a teaser of the cover artwork, that also appears on our new flyer. Newsletter recipients might know this picture  already... ;-)

So be patient, your waiting will have an end soon!

If you want to see Allergy live again, make a note of December, 23rd. More details will be revealed soon...;-)

16.09. Hello everybody!
Thank you very much for your great support during our concert at the 1. Synergie Festival in Görlitz! This was a first class event!!

And we have news as well:
Our first album will be titled "Side Effects"! Releasedate is set for late November (2004 of course ;-)).


Take a vote for us!!
The forum of the Wave Gotik Treffen-homepage gives you the opportunity to vote for Allergy. If we get enough votes, we could perhaps be part of the Wave Gotik Treffen, Withsun 2005 in Leipzig.
But sorry: First you have to register with a username and your email address there. Otherwise you can't take a vote.
And here we go: http://www.wave-gotik-treffen.de/forumwgt/viewtopic.php?t=637

Leaving a great concert in Heidelberg behind, we want to remind you of our concert on Saturday, 11.9. at the Kulturbrauerei Landskron, Görlitz!
We hope to see a lot of you there!
Details see below or in the concert menu.

Apart from that business as usual: studio works, discussions about album title and song order, artwork reviews, etc. bla bla...;-)

Last but not least: We'll print some t-shirts! So if you're not allergic to cotton wool...buy it!! *g*
More infos about that soon here or in our newsletter...


Today we put the new section "Concerts" online.
There you'll get an overview about gigs from past 'til future: concerts section

11.08. Hello everybody!

Due to holidays you had to wait a little bit longer...

2 livedates are confirmed:

04.09.04: Schwimmbad Musik Club in Heidelberg. Gig during the Depeche Mode Party there. We will play about 60 minutes. Starttime 22:30 h approximately.
More infos: www.schwimmbad-musik-club.de

11.09.04: Landskron Kulturbrauerei in Görlitz.
1. Synergie Festival with T.O.Y., Staubkind, Soman and Allergy!
Aftershow party with DJ Chris Pohl (Blutengel) and the Heavens In Motion Crew.
Doors open: 20:00 Uhr
Begin: 21:00 Uhr
We will play as first band there, about 30 minutes.
More infos: www.landskron.de

We want you to be there! ;-)

In the meantime we were still working on our first studio album.  Holger and producer Jörg are doing basic mixing work. After that, we'll have to see, what we can do better.

That's all for now. Stay tuned...

14.06. Some more reviews are online!

www.e-lectric.de (menu "CD-Reviews")

www.elektrauma.de (menu "Rezensionen")


www.musik.terrorverlag.de (menu "Rezensionen")

The links to all reviews were also put into the links section

We are still working on our first album. At the moment we're doing vocal recordings. We hope to finish work by end of August, so we can release it in autumn.

28.05. First reviews are online!

Have a look here:

www.medienkonverter.de (menu "Rezensionen")

www.re-flexion.de (menu "Kritiken")
21.05. Further good news!

Official releasedate of our Maxi-CD "Ignorance" is June, 7th 2004!
From this date on Toca Records will distribute the Maxi-CD. That means, that the Maxi-CD will be available in every record shop.
You can already order "Ignorance" at www.toca-records.de. The CD will cost 6 € there, too.
Until the offical releasedate you still can order at www.granaten-records.de.

Our label told us, that they delivered promos to many magazines already. We can't wait to see the reactions and we hope, that we can find some reviews by online and print magazines soon.
Our label is also advertising our Maxi-CD in the next issues of german print magazines "Orkus" and "DNAsix".

We gave the promos to some DJ's personally and the reactions were very good. They played songs from our Maxi-CD and put them in their DJ set.

06.05. Good news!

Our record label Granaten Records has finally found a sale company, Toca Records.
Official release for our Maxi-CD "Ignorance" is now planned for mid/end June. That means that from then on you'll be able to buy the Maxi-CD at your local record shop everywhere.
Until then you can still order the Maxi-CD at www.granaten-records.de

A promotional campaign is also going to start now. We, respectively our record company will send promotional copies to lots of print- and online-magazines, online radios and DJ's.

22.04. Yes, we're still alive...;-)

Hello everybody!
The Maxi-CD Ignorance can be ordered at www.granaten-records.de
now! Please fill out the order form there.
It will cost 6 Euro plus 2 Euro for shipping (in Germany).
For shipping outside Germany, please send an email to info@granaten-records.de and they will send you the details.

Negotiations between our record label and a sale company make us believe, that you can buy the Maxi-CD in record shops, etc. soon.

After a short break due to holidays, the recording sessions for the album will be restarted soon.
09.03. Another update...

The Maxi-CD "Ignorance" has gone to the press works finally.
Unfortunately, our record label is still negotiating about a deal with  sale companies. So the Maxi-CD will be only available via the record label homepage Granaten-Records at the moment.

Holger is working on some songs for our album in the studio with our producer Jörg.
At the moment these songs are mixed in their basic version, instrumental. Vocal recordings will be starting in a few weeks.

Furthermore Holger is working on a remix for the next Lights Of Euphoria release "Whitewall"! Precision work will be done tomorrow.
We don't know when this remix is going to be released, yet.  www.lightsofeuphoria.de says, that the releasedate for "Whitewall" is set for early September 2004. And of course there is no tracklist available, yet.
26.02. Hello!
Unfortunately we can't be part of the E-volution tour due to organizational problems. It also does not fit in our timetable. Sorry!

Of course we wish all the best and great success to all bands and organizers of www.mounchain.org!
24.02. We reconstructed some parts of the homepage!
You'll find discography in the menu instead of lyrics.
In this topic you get to know everything about our (upcoming) releases, you can download teasers and you can have a look at the lyrics.

Teasers are still available at the download area. Because of the upcoming Maxi-CD release we decided to make available teasers from this release.
We also put some wallpapers online there, done by our graphic designer Claudia (nacht-kind.de). Thank you!

We also got some live pics of our gig on October, 31st in Gelsenkirchen. Here
These pics were contributed by www.bloodyroses.de. Thank you!

On Friday our Maxi-CD "Ignorance" will find its way to the press works!

And we are still working on the upcoming album. Holger and Dirk wrote 3 new songs in the meantime, which seem to find their way on the album at the moment. We have a total of 14 songs ready to record. All of them will be recorded. But of course we don't know which of them will be released on the album, yet.

17.02. We put some pictures from the Electronic X-Mas Festival in Hanau online. Here

Perhaps there will be some Allergy gigs in the near future.
The band Vanished is organizing some gigs in the Ruhr area and they asked us to take part there.
There are 2 fixed dates to date. Participating bands are listed on www.mounchain.org.

11.04.04 (Easter Sunday) E-volution 'Survival' at Spektrum, Castrop-Rauxel
With Vanished, Schattenschlag and Rêve Synthétique plus 6 more bands

20.05.04 E-volution 'Mounchain' at Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen
With Vanished, Minerve plus 4-5 more bands

More information at www.mounchain.org
In case of our participation at those gigs we will inform you as soon as possible!

12.02. New homepage online!

During the last days we worked hard to design a new homepage, which fits to the coverartwork of our Maxi-CD.
A few works are still to do, but it's nearly finished.

We want to thank Claudia again, who did the graphics for the new homepage as well as our coverartwork.
When you are interested in her graphic works, contact her! 
Go to www.nacht-kind.de.
There you can contact her and have a look at some examples of her works.

The cover of our Maxi-CD "Ignorance" will look like this, by the way:

And don't forget: release will be mid March!

Holger and Dirk are working on new songs. Sounds very promising...;-)

21.01. Hello!

We had a meeting with the guys from  Granaten Records yesterday.
The "Ignorance" Maxi-CD will be released mid March!
We also took a look at the (nearly) finished coverartwork. Very very good! Thanx Claudia! ;-)

We'd also like to thank the photographers who did the promo pix for us: Daniel Heinitz and Manuela Kron!
Great work inspite of the freezing cold...;-)

If anyone else wants to work with them (attention: advertisement!
*g*), please write a mail: paparazzi-dan@web.de
12.01. Ok ok, we're late...;-)
Happy new year everybody!

Plastic have finished their remix for our song "Ignorance". We're looking forward to listen to it very soon. 

We're also going to discuss the last details with our record company
regarding releasedate, etc. next week.

And we also have some new pictures online finally. The old ones have been eradicated...;-)
Go to the menu: Images/Promotional
18.12. Good news, just in time for Christmas :-)

We don't want to rise the tention to the max...

Allergy signed a record deal with Granaten-Records!

First we will release a Maxi-CD at the beginning of 2004. This is going to be "Ignorance".
Tracks featured on this release will be the album version of
"Ignorance", the non-album-track "Queen Of Hearts", a fantastic remix of "Sterne" done by Vasi of NamNamBulu and last but not least a remix of "Ignorance" done by Plastic!

The exact release date is to be announced.

Well, those that read "album version" and "non-album-track" might
know what will happen sooner or later...;-)
We can give you no exact information, yet. But we plan to release an album later in 2004!

We also want to remind you of the Electronic X-Mas Festival, that takes place on December, 27th at the Audion, Hanau!
Featured are the following bands:

Colony 5
Patenbrigade: Wolff

For more information, tickets, etc. follow this link: http://www.msth.org/xmas2003

Merry X-Mas and a happy new year to you all!
Thank you for your support! It has been a great year for Allergy thus far. Without the help of so many people, that wouldn't have been possible! Thank you!

(yes, the !-key is jammed!!! ;-))

19.11. From now on, we have new email addresses. Have a look at the
contact area
17.11. Here's the link to our drumkit auction on Ebay:
14.11. Due to technical problems (webcam pictures are a MUST ;-)) the
drumkit will be available on Ebay from November, 16th.
10.11. Live-pictures from the Kaue-Gig on October, 31st here:
04.11. From November, 13th our beloved Yamaha-drumkit will be available on Ebay. 
Autographed of course!
Auction ends on November, 23rd around 8 pm.
Link including fotos follows, as soon as the auction begins.
31.10. Don't forget: Tonight - Night of the machines - Allergy, Plastic and [:SITD:] live at the Kaue, Gelsenkirchen.
An aftershowparty is going to take place there, too.
Info at www.HeartBeat-Entertainment.de

We're happy to announce, that we will be part of the Electronic X-mas Festival at Hanau on December, 27th.
Other bands playing there are Melotron, Project-X, Colony 5
, Davantage and Patenbrigade: Wolff (Dust Of Basement sideproject).
Info/tickets at www.msth.org/xmas2003

Plannings for the Electro Processing Festival in Coesfeld continue.
On November, 28th we'll play at the Fabrik, Coesfeld alongside ReActivate and Vox Celesta!
Doors open at 8 p.m., begin at 9 p.m.
Tickets: 5 Euro (box office only).
14.10. The Minifestival in Coesfeld has been postponed until November, 28th.
More information soon.

We also wanted to thank everybody, who came to our shows in Krefeld and Koblenz. We enjoyed playing there.

15.09. We put some downloadteasers online today

More information aboout our gig at the Suppkultur, Koblenz on
October, 10th!

Doors open at 9:00 PM. We will start our concert at 9:45 PM and we are going to play for about 30 minutes.

You can order your tickets at www.darkstrom.com. There you'll also find further information about the event.
Tickets cost 10 € in preorder and 12 € at the event itself.


Good news!

On October, 3rd we will support Untoten at the Kulturfabrik Krefeld!
Infos/tickets here: www.kulturfabrik-krefeld.de

And we managed to get another support slot.
On October, 31st we will support [:SITD:] at the Kaue, Gelsenkirchen!
Eventmanagement here: www.HeartBeat-Entertainment.de
Clubinfos here: www.kaue.de

All fixed concertdates - overview:

03.10.03 Kulturfabrik Krefeld (Support for Untoten)
10.10.03 Suppkultur Koblenz (Support for Melotron and NamNamBulu)
31.10.03 Kaue Gelsenkirchen (Suppurt for [:SITD:])

27.12.03 Audion Hanau (more infos to follow)



The gig planned for November, 29th in Langwahl is canceled!

But after the rain....
we got news, that we were chosen as supportact for the Melotron-
concert on October, 10th at the Suppkultur, Koblenz
Besides Melotron our Swiss mates NamNamBulu will be on stage there,
too. They support Melotron throughout their whole tour.
Watch out for further information.

On December 27th we will have another special gig. *g*
More information follows as soon as possible.

We have almost finished our studioworks. We recorded the following
songs: Ignorance, Down, Einsamkeit, Icarus, Teufelskreis and Underneath Your Skin.
We are not sure if, how and in which way the songs will be released.

And then we have the last track of our classic series online: "Sterne"
Available in the Download area.

02.07. New song in the Download area. "Lange Her" is the next song in our series of classic Allergy songs.

Further we can tell you, that we're going to enter a studio soon. We don't know how many songs we are able to record in the short time we have there. And we're also not sure which songs will be recorded there. But we're confident that the quality of the recordings will be much better than the quality of the demos we published here.

So stay tuned. ;-)

16.06. Lots of news:

First let me remind you of our concert on June, 21st at Kaue, Gelsenkirchen! Have a look below.

We have plans to perform at a Synthpop/Electro-Festival in Coesfeld, Germany on October, 17th.
4 more bands are going to play live there.
You'll read concrete news here first. ;-)

On November, 29th Allergy plays live at the Nightfall, Langewahl
(near Fuerstenwalde, e.g. Berlin)
Infos here: http://www.maerkischer-krug.de/mk/nightfall/index.htm

Furthermore we have plans to go to the studio in order to produce
some of our songs.
Perhaps we'll release a new demo cd afterwards. We also want to produce a "professional" booklet then.
Time will tell...;-)

And last but not least something important:
We are going to apply for a gig at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2004 in
Leipzig! Due to the organization of the festival we can send our
application not before October.
We need your support: If you want to see us there, send an email to the promoters -> therefore have look at www.wavegotiktreffen.de

26.05. Have a look at the Download area. Humiliation is the next song in our Classix series.
19.05. Finally, Allergy is on stage again. Visit Kaue, Gelsenkirchen for our concert on June, 21st!
Concert will start around 11 pm.
The show is embedded in a Depeche Mode Party, that takes place there.
For informations visit www.HeartBeat-Entertainment.de
For club informations visit www.kaue.de.
28.04. A new song in the Classix section of our Download area.
Now it's "Independence".
24.03. Have a look at the Download area. You'll find the next song in the
Classix section - Die Leise Seele.
24.02. We have added a Classix Section to the Download area.
There you'll find a song from the early days of the band (with Holger
on the mic), which will be changed monthly.

March, 22nd will see a Smith/Morrisey-party at the Underground in
Cologne. Featured sounds are Rock & Wave classics of the 80s, but
also modern Britsh Rock.
Attention: The party is going to take place in Underground 2!
DJ's are Union Jaxx, featuring our mastermind Holger.
Admission 3 € only!
Try to be there early, because it's a small club..

21.01. From now on you can download some more of our songs as full versions. Go to the Download area.
08.01. Happy new year! :-)
To get a good start, you can download some more of our songs as full versions. Go to the Download area.
03.12. After we protected our new songs, we decided to put the full versions online, step by step.
The first song is Icarus. Where? In the Download area of course.
25.11. dc_234x60_01.jpg (6373 Byte)

The Depeche Mode tribute sampler Different creeds will be available on 9th december. We contributed the coverversion of Puppets to the cd. The cd is a project from the Insight mailinglist.
The cd will be purchased exclusively via www.indietective.de
Tracklist reads as follows:

1 Halo - Battery Bride
2 Little 15 - Theriak
3 Sister Of Night - London 86
4 Black celebration - Real Motion
5 Surrender - Diablos Suite
6 Freestate - Chris Kay feat. Stian Shiver
7 New life - Fairground
8 World full of nothing - Relic Debris
9 Stripped - Plaisir De Vie
10 Mercy in you - Fair Go
11 Shame - SynDesigner
12 It doesn't matter - Conscience
13 Somebody - Darken
14 But not tonight - Fatal Exposure
15 Puppets - Allergy
16 Shake the disease - Urwaerk
17 Everything counts - Das Schwarze System

21.11. Have a look at some pictures of our gig in Bonn here: www.darktrax.de
29.10. Like announced yesterday: Download the Ignorance teaser now! Download area
28.10. On Saturday Holger and I (Dirk) worked on our new song Ignorance. We finished the song almost completely and we'll put a teaser online as soon as possible. In the meantime you can already read the lyrics in the Lyrics section
17.10. We recorded another new song, Icarus, 2 days ago. With new equipment we're able to gain a much better recording quality.
Download the teaser in the Download area and read the lyrics in the Lyrics section
9.10. On Saturday, 11/09/2002 we're going to perform live at the 1-year-anniversary of Darktrax-Parties that is going to take place at the Sternenburg, Bonn.
The starting time of our concert is to be confirmed.
You'll find more information (location, party, etc.) here: www.darktrax.de
23.9. From now on you can listen to our tracks at Onlineradio www.ebm-radio.de!
EBM-Radio is playing songs from famous bands as well as songs from newcomers.
They also support the newcomer bands with features in the newcomer section.
Many thanks to Michi of EBM-Radio for the great support!
18.9. Order our new Demo-CD here: Orders
18.9. New songs in the Download area
2.9. 2. Demonstration at the MS Connexion, Mannheim on 10/19/02.
Liveshows by Melotron and NamNamBulu will be the highlights of this Depeche Mode party.
Featured sounds: Depeche Mode, Electro, Synthiepop, etc.
For further information have a look at our Links section.
You'll see the flyer of "Künstliche Welten" that links to the homepage of the party organizers.
So why the f*** do we push this party? Because our frontman Dirk aka "Der rote Faden" will do a DJ set there...
9.8. New songs in the Download area.
31.7. The band is currently recording the new live versions.
Furthermore you'll find more lyrics in the Lyrics area
We're still looking for playing gigs!
For booking write an email to one of the addresses in the Contact area.


Redesign of our homepage....enjoy....
29.7. Teaser of the new song versions in the Download area


Live pics from the Heidelberg gig in the Pictures area


Concert at Schwimmbad Musik Club Heidelberg begin at 22 h


Guestbook online