Holger has designed a nice kind of "obituary" on myspace.
You can find it here:

There you can also listen to the two "new" songs we produced with Olaf Wollschläger but never made it on a CD release!


Allergy split!


Unfortunately we have to tell you, that Allergy split in the end of 2006!
You've surely recognized, that it was calm concerning the band and that nothing happened on this homepage. Reasons for that are, that we were unsuccessfully looking for a new label and according to that had no motivation in writing new songs or performing live.
So we came to the conclusion, that the best would be to split.

We'd like to say a big "Thank you!" again to all of our fans, friends and to all of those, who helped us in any possible way!

Bernd-Uwe, Dirk, Holger und Jens


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